At Surge, with 80+ million monthly visitors, our primary goal is to engage readers with story-telling. We create, distribute and manage premium content across multiple partner sites with titles including

We are a lean startup that is 100% remote, focusing on growth and collaboration. Based around our central values of innovation, adaptivity, creativity and independent teamwork we create data driven content for our audiences.

At our core, Surge is a data analytics company. Our real time data, combined with our premium content delivery technology gives our team of experienced writers the best tools to work with, including data-driven analysis of what is trending, what is performing best and where audiences are spending their time.

Our Core Values: Innovation, Adaptivity, Creativity, and Independent Team Players

Surge is looking for an experienced marketer with a strong background in content creation, conversion rate optimization and data analysis to truly understand our readers and what they want to read now.

With your experience, it is your responsibility to do:

  • Data-driven analysis of what is trending, what is performing best and where audiences are spending their time - all the data is provided within our custom CMS.
  • Create writing outlines based on conversion rate optimization and the data for our experienced freelance writers.
    • Outlines will include:
      • article creative brief
      • article headline
      • article description
      • article feature image
      • article images, quotes, comments, etc.

This is a writing-focused role that requires understanding our audiences and using data to create articles that will convert. Your goal is to increase article click through rate and to convert users into readers through an engaging article idea, headline and feature image.

What You'll Do:

  • Use the data within the CMS to make data-based decisions about which celebrities and trending topics are most successful.
  • Generate ENGAGING article ideas that will convert audiences based on data analysis and conversion rate optimization strategies.
  • Provide article outlines for team of freelance writers - source engaging meta-descriptions, feature images, body images, comments, quotes and more for writers.
  • Increase article click through rate by writing article headlines focused on converting people into readers.
  • Run A/B and other testing and experiments based on data.
  • Track individual celebrities for trends and patterns that work or do not work well when translated into content while documenting within the CMS.
  • Keep a record of your process and methods.
  • Be an essential part of our 100% remote workforce.

What You'll Bring:

  • Strong background in marketing and data analytics.
  • Adaptability: our company is constantly growing and changing.
  • A love for experimentation and trying new things.
  • Bold thinking and new ideas.
  • Strong research skills.
  • The ability to always clearly back up your ideas with research and data.
  • Extreme comfort with problem solving and using data to validate decisions.
  • Proactive and independent worker ready to introduce new methods and ideas.
  • Self-starter.
  • Team player.
  • A background in psychology is preferred but not necessary.
  • Fluent in English (must write in American English).

The ideal candidate will be able to work at a fast pace, eventually being able to get an outline up 10-15 minutes after a new trending topic has been discovered. The right fit will also be an independent worker with ideas and innovations. We are looking for an individual to grow with the company who is genuinely passionate about data and marketing.